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You’ll always be that girl..

You’ll always be that girl who slept with the wrong guy.. You gave in once. But as it would seem, once is all it takes. No. To some, you’ll always be the stupid cow who slept with someone she shouldn’t have so doesn’t have the right to complain when he doesn’t pay child support.. Or doesn’t want to know this beautiful boy.. Or pretends like you are a disease that did nothing but ruin his life and his reputation.
It’s all your fault they say.

It’s a good thing I have the choice to believe what I hear or not. You are entitled to an opinion, that of course is natural, inherent even. But don’t expect me to allow your opinion to influence the way that I live. I decide that today, your opinion does not matter.
I made the mistake. I live with the consequences. That I can accept. But today, you’re opinion does not matter.